Sunday, April 27, 2008


When we first arrived at our apartment here, we discovered a birds nest on our back porch lamp. We have been delighted twice now to find it occupied by little robin families.
The other day I found these three eggs in it, although a 4th egg followed shortly.
Here are the brand new baby robins, fresh out of the egg! It is amazing to watch the parents swoop in to feed the babies. The tiny robins stretch their necks up as far as they will go and cheep furiously for the rights to the first worm.
Speaking of wildlife, we found this guy while washing our car. He was sleeping contentedly when our little Logan decided to investigate. Luckily I saw what was going on and grabbed hold of Logan, or I don't know who would have gotten the bigger surprise, Logan or the possum.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Colonial Williamsburg

Due to his hard work and efficiency, Paul earned a 4 day weekend pass. We were originally planning to use it to go to Cleveland to paint our house, but before we could go, some renters moved in!!! That meant we had a last minute 4 day vacation we could take, so we decided to go to Colonial Williamsburg, which is a few hours away. Paul has an aunt uncle and cousin in the area who were kind enought to take us in on such short notice. Colonial Williamsburg is an old fashioned town where history has been preserved.

Our first sight was a horse that Logan was thrilled about. Aaron could care less, since all he could see was the back of daddy's shirt

Here is Logan taking to the life of an old fashioned outlaw...

...and here he is after being tried and covicted for his crimes. His sentence: 1 minute in the stocks!

Paul thought he would keep the little guy company while serving his sentence.

Aaron didn't have nearly the fun we had. He cried the whole time.

The next day we went to some Revolutionary War battlefields. Aaron was much happier that day, and Logan was enthralled by the cannons! He kept peeking his head in the barrel. Good thing they're not loaded!

Then we went to the beach in Yorktown.

We saw jellyfish in the shallow water! A first time for me, outside the Monterrey Bay Aquarium that is.
Logan loved wading his feet with Aunt Marilyn...

...while Aaron was content to play in the sand.

What a wonderful day, and a fantastic vacation!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

We used to say that Logan had lead in his pants. The kiddo never climbed on anything. It took him forever to even learn how to climb onto our couch. That carefree stage of our lives is now over as Logan is becoming quite the climber. He likes to shimmy his way up our pantry and get the cereal from the top. He is getting pretty good at it too.
Up he goes...
Coming down with the prize.
Here are some more pics of our adventures in DC. The capitol building is HUGE! And the inside is fantastic. We'll have to take a tour again while we are here.
Aaron loves shoulder rides. The problem is that I have to worry about it raining drool on my head. It will be nice when he is no longer teething, but I would never wish these moments away for anything.