Sunday, November 4, 2007


Halloween is SO much fun when you have kids!!! It is a hoot to dress them up in their costumes and hear them say "chick er cheet." Logan loved the jack o lanterns on display. He kept trying to blow out the candles that kept the pumpkins glowing. Aaron didn't have a clue what was going on, but he was sure cute in his lil' monster costume. Logan was a caterpillar. He really could have used some extra pairs of legs when he walked his own set off. He was exhausted when it was done, but elated with his full basket of candy.

I can't help but throw in a picture of my sweet baby boy. He is starting to roll over really well, and is a pro at sitting up by himself. He only tips over when he gets dive bombed by his big brother.

Paul loves having little boys to play with. He and Logan have a Sunday night tradition of wrestling on our waterbed. Logan has no fear as he jumps through the air to tackle daddy. He then usually gets a head lock and tickled, but comes back for more grinning from ear to ear. Boys. *sigh*

Here are some more costume pics.
Aaron trying to eat Logan's costume

So proud to be a caterpillar!