Monday, January 14, 2008

More Christmas Pics

Here are the pictures from Christmas Eve. Naturally we have a picture of Aaron smiling...

We spent Christmas Eve with my aunt and uncle out here. They have some fun Christmas traditions. One of them is to shape their Christmas tree in a new way each year. This year they made an Ent (The tree people from the Lord of the Rings series).

We also played out the nativity story. Paul and I played Joseph and Mary, Logan was a shepherd, and Aaron was the baby Jesus.

This is one of the gifts to the baby Jesus from one of the three the wise guys (that's what my aunt and uncle call them. Wheeler humor). Aaron was entertained for an hour with this shiny package with loopy bows.

Logan wanted to sit in a manger too! And his flock joined him in.

What a fun evening. I sure love having family out here!!!

Christmas pics

Here are the Christmas Eve jammies!
I love this picture of Aaron, because you get a good profile of the cheeks. Doesn't it just make you want to squeeze them! I also love the look on his face.
The hands-down favorite toy this Christmas was a Buzz Lightyear doll (ahem, action-figure) that Logan got from Grandma and Grandpa Rose. He never puts it down. Buzz even sleeps in his bed at night, and Logan insists that Buzz gets a kiss goodnight too.
The next favorite was a set of lightsabers. We have at least 20 lightsaber fights in this household these days. And the moment Paul walks through the door from work, Logan runs up to him with lightsabers in hand to fight his daddy.

Here is Aaron opening some presents. Quite honestly, he was happy with the wrapping paper.