Sunday, September 30, 2007

My Projects

I did it! I actually did it! I finished my projects! These projects have been in the works for YEARS.
I made this quilt for Logan's bed. Logan had been sleeping in a hodge podge of bed coverings.
His original sleeping arrangement?...
Comforter with blue zebra stripes
Pink rosebud sheets
Snowflake print pillowcase.
It was rather comical to see those patterns together like that, not that he minded in the least. But his MOTHER minded. So I did something about it. I have to say I am very proud.

I have been working on these stockings for years. I think I started the one on the right before Logan was born, and the one on the left before Aaron was born. Needless to say, we're buying the remainder of our Christmas stockings.

Thanks to everyone who donated jeans for the quilt below. I think it turned out rather well, but you'll have to look at it up close to really do it justice. I used all sorts of jean parts in it. I am excited to use it as a picnic blanket for the great outdoors.

So that's it for my episode of Shameless Showoff. Next week should be about the boys again. Stay tuned!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Air and Space Museum

With the nice weather, Rebecca has been taking the boys to a water park that is close to our house. They seem to enjoy the sprinklers and the new little friends that they make while they are there. We also went to the Air and Space Museum in downtown. It was exciting. Logan enjoyed the interactive section where you can learn about how winds work, weight, and simple physics. Mostly he likes to push the buttons. Aaron just enjoys the free ride of being carried everywhere. We have also been feeding Aaron solid foods which he seems to enjoy immensely.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Leaping Logan

Logan is growing up very fast. He is enjoying just about anything he can get hishands on. Lately he has been enjoying playing golf in the grassy area behind our apartment. Last weekend, Pauls parents were visiting from Utah, and we all went up to State College in Pennsylvania to visit Paul's sister Jackie, her husband and new daughter. While we were there, we walked around Penn States campus before the Penn State vs. Notre Dame football game. While some went to the game, others went to the park and had a barbeque. This was the first time Logan had had a smore. Needless to say, he never let the marshmallow sit long enoughfor it to be placed between a graham cracker and chocolate, but he enjoyed himself none the less. The next day was the blessing of Jackies and Jareds new baby. It was a great event to be present for.

Adorable Aaron

Here is a glimpse into the life and personality of our little Aaron. Aaron is probably just as smiley as Logan was as a baby. His little grin lights up his little face. Aaron is starting to sit up by himself, and only tips over after a minute or so. Aaron loves his brother! Even if he does get pushed and poked and man handled by him. He and Logan are going to be great buddies and playmates. Aaron can also stand up by himself if you prop him against a couch or hold his hands. All babies can do that, but it is fun anyway. Wiggling is his newest passion, and he does that constantly. What a cute baby boy.