Sunday, July 13, 2008

Family Fun

Our most recent adventures have been with Paul Family.
This is a picture of a baseball game that we went to. With the Dodgers vs. the Brewers. While the atmosphere of the game was good, as well as the company, the weather was pretty cold, making for great snuggling. We love spending time together.

The beach is always a good excursion to go on, and even more so by seeing wildlife. This is a baby sealion that we saw on the beach, it seemed to be sick or lost, because it didn't seem do much besides sit there, I guess they could say the same thing about us, we just sit on the beach as well not doing a whole lot, but it sure is fun and relaxing.

This was Aarons first time at the ocean, and he loved it. One big sand box with water close by, what better way to get dirty!

Paul's parents love playing with the boys at the beach, and the boys love spending time with them. Being buried in the sand is something everyone needs to experience some time. This was one of Logan's times.