Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mike and Leslie's Wedding

So, you have probably noticed that we are a little behind on our blog, considering this post took place on the 27th of December. We had the wonderful opportunity of being in Utah for several things, one was Christmas, the next was for Paul's youngest sisters wedding. Leslie married a nice young man named Mike in the Mount Timpanogoes Temple on the 27th of December. It was a wonderful occasion. We were able to visit with family, and many family friends who we had not seen in quite some time. This was the last sibling of Pauls to get married.

This is Leslie standing with Mike.

At the reception we didn't have to watch Logan very much, he stood in the line next to Grandpa and Grandma Rose. Does anyone besides me find it strange that a three year old active little boy was able to stand in line for almost two hours, and only almost push over the backdrop twice? Well, the secret was the stash of mint life-savers grandpa kept coming his way every few minutes. Busted!
This is what Aaron did for most of the reception. It was a long day for this party animal.

The other part of the reception that had Logan's undivided attention was this bit of food. When do we cut the cake???

Leslie as you can see looked very lovely. Logan also looked rather dashing, shirt untucked, no longer wearing his bowtie, and just being mischievious. Over all, a wonderful day.


For those of you who didn't know, we've taken a little blogging break due to a one month visit to Utah! We're back now and will try to catch up with the pictures and events of the Rose family.
We arrived in Utah on Christmas Eve, so we'll start with some Christmas pictures.
The first and favorite present? SWORDS!
Next up, trucks of all kind.
The boys having fun in the snow with grandma and grandpa

A little Christmas visitor. Aaron is a dog fanatic! He can squeal and chase after puppies for hours on end. Without a fear in the world, he marches right up to dogs and does his best to give them a pat. The squealing is the funniest part. He just gets so excited!