Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!!! The roads were actually busy on the way to chuch this morning with all of the people who attend for Christmas and Easter. There were cars parked up and down the road near every chapel.
Anyway, yesterday we had a ward Easter Egg hunt. Logan is now old enough to remember how much fun Easter was last year, so he was extra excited. He has been asking me all week to hide the eggs for him so he could find them. Well he finally got his chance.
He's showing us his haul.
Aaron and daddy just chillin'. Actually they were freezin' because it was super cold outside! (hyuck hyuck) It really was cold though.
Logan and Aaron eating all of the fun Easter goodies. I love that they are good friends,(as long as Aaron doesn't touch Logan's Buzz Lightyear, that is). It has been great to have two boys in a row. They are so much fun!

Aaron's 1st Birthday

On to phase 2 of our blogging extravaganza! Our little Aaron turned 1 this week! Where has the year gone?! We are so blessed to have this sweet kiddo in our lives. He makes me smile every day, and our family is more complete with him in it. Happy birthday Aaron! I love you!

One of his new toys. Get a load of the smile! An apparent success.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the presents! Big brother helped open them. He tried to snitch a few of them too, at least the ones that were sugar coated!

His first taste of cake. Need I say he never hesitated for a nanosecond!

He picked the whole piece of cake up and tried to shove it all into his little mouth at once.

When that didn't work, he tried it piece by piece.

So yummy!

By the end of the day, Aaron was all tuckered out.

Posting at last!

Hi everyone! I know, I know. We are such slackers! It seems like we go through weeks where nothing eventful happens. Then suddenly we have tons happening! After a long dry spell, now we have a lot to add to the blog.

First off, last week we had a visitor from Germany. Our friend Aaron Brooks came to stay with us for a week while he and Paul took a Forensic Dentistry course over here. His visit was packed full of sightseeing and game nights. (We'll send you the pics soon, Aaron!) We sure miss our dental school buddies!!!

Here we are inside the National Archives (Remember National Treasure, where the Declaration of Independence is kept). While we were there, we saw John Adams. We thought he was Benjamin Franklin at first. Oops. He said ol' Ben is shorter, and more rotund than he is. :-)

We are in the National Botanical Gardens here. Logan loved throwing pennies into the fountain pool. I won't tell you where he got the pennies, though. We might be arrested, or something. "He just likes to recycle, officer, that's all!"

My sweetie and me! I sure love hanging out with my husband.