Saturday, February 23, 2008

No snow

What a mild winter we have had this year! After our time in Utah and Ohio with their long and cold winters, I can hardly believe we have no snow on the ground! I can't say I mind, though. So instead of sledding outside, the boys hopped in a laundry basket and went sledding inside. Of course there is the ever present Buzz Lightyear that Logan never puts down (thanks Grandma and Grandpa Rose!).
We had a visit from Pauls sister Jackie and her family. So here are all three Rose family grandchildren together. I love the pink in a sea of blue.
One day I went to go get the kids up from their nap, and this is what I found. Logan has discovered he can climb into Aarons crib. Now I have a hard time keeping him out of it. There has been little sleep happening in our household ever since. Aaron seems thrilled.
This bathtub hairdo reminded me of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes, so I thought I'd add it in.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Now that Aaron is crawling, we find him in all sorts of funny places.
Logan just loves playing out in the snow. He doesn't even seem to mind the cold, while I'm freezing just watching him from inside !
Paul and Aaron during a golfing date while Paul's parents were with us. We had a blast with them. The kids sure love their grandparents
Logan bowled better than I did! I love those little ramps that allow little kids to bowl. We had a blast.
(Doesn't this pic just make you wanna poke that little belly button).

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Exploring DC

We have been soo bad about posting! I will try to keep things more up to date. We just haven't taken many pictures lately. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. :-) It might also be that I have just been lazy about posting.

Anyway, here we are outside the International Spy Museum. It was really neat! We learned how to pick locks, identify suspicious characters, and how to hide bug devices. Now is that valuable information or what!

In this next picture, we are outside Ford Theater, which is where Abraham Lincoln was shot. The theater is still operational too. You can actually buy tickets and see a show there, although it is closed at the moment for rennovations.

Just across the street from the theater is the house where Lincoln died. We got to walk through the house and even see the bed where Lincoln drew his last breath. Lincoln did so much for this country and I have a great respect for that man.