Sunday, October 28, 2007

Honest Abe

This last weekend we decided to go visit Honest Abe Lincoln. We parked at the Arlington National Cemetary and walked across the Memorial Bridge to the Lincoln memorial. As you can guess, Logan loved walking up the stairs and down. He has way too much energy. Aaron enjoys the lap of luxtury and riding in the stroller up the elevator. After that we went and looked at the Vietnam memorial. There was a tour there with a park ranger, and he probably talked about the memorial for half an hour; some of the history behind it, how it was chosen, what it is supposed to mean, etc. It was very touching and very informative. I gained a lot more of a perspective of the Vietnam War from the presentation, and a greater respect and reverence for those that fought in that war.

Paul was recently called to be the Webelos leader in our ward, so now we all go to the church on Tuesday evenings, and Logan shoots hoops for an hour. There are only three boys, so it is really easy to work on projects they need for their advancements. It is also nice that they are eleven years old, and enjoy participating regardless of what is being taught and what they know about it.

Today Logan and Aaron were supposed to take naps before going to church, and it was really quiet for quite some time, so we thought that the were both sleeping, a parent's dream come true! Well Logan decided to try a new canvas for his art work, and we began to hear laughing coming from their room. Never a good sign during nap time. Behold, part of the results....

Sunday, October 21, 2007

To Know Me is to Love Me

Paul had this shirt when he was a baby that reads "To know me is to love me." We took a picture of Logan in the shirt when he was 6 months old, and recently did the same for Aaron now that he is around the same age. I just get a kick out of it whenever I put them in this shirt. I sure love my little boys and am so proud to be their mommy.

One of our latest adventures was to the Natural History Smithsonian. Logan really liked the dinosaurs. It was amazing there, and lots of fun. We had a hard time keeping Logan in one spot long enough for a picture, so we don't have many to post from the museum.

Here are my sweet boys. I love it when they play together. It makes my heart melt. They just love being around each other. Aaron positively lights up when Logan walks in the room, and Logan delights in making Aaron laugh. They're a great team.