Saturday, October 17, 2009

New York, NY

We are becoming very aware that our time out East is drawing to a quick close. Before we finish our time out here, we wanted to take a few special trips. On our list, the Big Apple! We had one full day to take a go at New York City.
The Empire State Building

Times Square

We also had to stop by the M&M store downtown.

This Chewbacca is made all of Legos at the F A O Schwartz toy store.

This is the whole reason Rebecca wanted to go to New York. To play on the big piano that you see in the movie "Big" at F A O Schwartz. She's even attempting Chopsticks.

We even got to meet the friendly neighborhood Spiderman.
By the end of the day we were too tired to get much closer to the Statue of Liberty, so the little speck in the distance would have to do.
By the end of the day the kids were exhausted, as evidenced by the awkward position Aaron fell asleep in. Even little Isaac was all tuckered out. Man, it sure is rough being carried around all day!

What a trip!