Monday, August 27, 2007

The county fair came to Arlington last week, so we decided to venture out for some fun. It was the first fair for Rebecca, Logan, and Aaron, but old hat for Paul. Logan liked the ride where he sat in a car.
Logan was absolutely terrified to ride the carrousel. It took all of Rebecca's soothing influence to keep him from bolting. He looked stressed and nervous for the whole ride. When it was over, he hopped off gladly, then looked back and wanted to ride it again. Go figure.
As you can tell, once again Logan got into my makeup. This time, it was the lipstick he got his hands on. He'll need to work on his aim. None of it ever touched his lips.

As for the eye patch, I took Logan to an ophthalmologist this week. We had noticed Logan's right eye wandering regularly and decided to check it out. It turns out Logan has Amblyopia, or Lazy Eye. Occasionally his right eye stops working because it doesn't see as well as his left eye. To correct the problem we need to patch up the good eye. This forces him to use the bad eye. He will also need glasses, which he will start wearing sometime this week. Wish me luck keeping glasses on my active toddler. My guess is that we're going to end up spending a small fortune on replacement glasses. :-)

Here's our smiler in action.

Aaron started solids this week. He loved the rice cereal, so it was an easy transition. He also loves to smear it all over his face and hands. Logan wanted to eat the rice cereal too. I let him have a taste, which he promptly gagged on and ran to spit it out in the garbage can. Apparently it wasn't as big of a hit for Logan as it was for Aaron.
Look how great Paul is with the kids. They absolutely love him. What a fantastic husband and father! He is doing well and is enjoying his work as a dentist.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mount Vernon

Our family made a trip to Mount Vernon last week, which was George Washingtons mansion and plantation. What a neat experience! The grounds are quite extensive, and the house is kept in pristine condition. How amazing to walk where our first president walked. We saw the room where he found out he had been elected our first president, and we saw the room where he passed away. Paul had a treat in seeing George Washingtons dentures on display. It was a worthy Saturday adventure.

By the time this photo was taken, the kids were done. We tried to snap a picture in between sobs from Aaron, and wriggling from Logan. We were partly successful.

Logan thought the child statue was pretty neat. He kept staring at it.

Here is George Washington's tomb. What a great man

On the home front, Aaron rolled over for the first time. I can't believe my little baby is growing up! *sniff* Logan got into our markers, and decided they would look best scribbled all over his wall. That kiddo never seems to find an end to his mischief making. But he warms our hearts with his adorable smiles and sweet hugs. I'd do anything for him when he says "I yuv yoo mommy." What precious moments.

Here's our Curious George. He spotted a blue tailed lizard and wanted to poke it. Unfortunately it was unobliging and scurried away. Smart lizard.

Isn't Aaron a cutie! Just look at that smile.