Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Paul!

Wow! 30 years old! One more decade down. Since I can't be in Iraq with him to celebrate, I will instead devote this blog to Paul with 30 things I love about him. If you're not interested in reading mushy stuff, might as well check back later when we have more silly pictures of the boys. This one is for my hubby!
1. I love his smile that stretches from ear to ear.
2. I love it when he laughs so hard he throws his head back.
3. I love that he is so easy to read. His face is very expressive!
4. I love that he is handy. He can fix about anything.
5. I love how well he takes care of his family. He works so hard for us, and I know it.
6. I love that he is tuned in to what other people are thinking and feeling. He senses things.
7. I love that he honors his priesthood and covenants.
8. I love how interested he is in other people. He truly cares.
9. I love his strong testimony in the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is a rock.
10. I love that he is always trying to be better.

11. I love how observant he is. He notices the things that I do for him and the family.
12. I love it when he holds me in his arms and just lets me cry when I need to.
13. I love him for helping around the house. He does dishes, changes diapers, vacuums, brushes teeth etc. etc. etc.
14. I love that he wants to take us places. Whether it is the park down the street or to Europe, he is constantly looking for memories to make.
15. I love it that he is such a great daddy. He loves our little boys and lets them know it.
16. I love what a great listener he is.
17. I love that I can ask him anything and he knows the answers. He is a walking encyclopedia.
18. I love how much he makes me laugh.
19. I love him for being such an optimist. He never complains, even when I wish he would!

20. I love it how he motivates me to be a better person.
21. I love how he makes others feel comfortable around him.
22. I love how he treats his mom. He is a good son.
23. I love watching his golf swing. It is such a fluid graceful motion.
24. I love that he is so good at what he does. He is a fantastic dentist.
25. I love that he sits down and watches chick-flicks with me. He may not love them himself, but he knows I do and the gesture means a lot.
26. I love the exact blue-green of his eyes. I hope one of our kids gets them.
27. I love that he is a Jack-of-all-trades. He's good at just about anything he takes up.
28. I love his eye for aesthetics. He has good taste.
29. I love his focus and determination. He will succeed in anything he does.
30. I love how much he loves me too.

HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY PAUL! I love you so much, and am grateful for your birth! Be safe and come home to us soon!


soybeanlover said...

That is so sweet. Happy Birthday to your honey.

Melissa (Catlin) Kiser said...

rebecca. you're so cute. it's good to see you so in love after all these years. you guys were made for each other. happy birthday, paul!

AZSMITHS said...

What a great tribute! Happy birthday Paul!

Becky Slivka said...

This is about the sweetest post in the world. Happy birthday from us too!

Kim said...

What a tribute! I loved reading it even though is was meant for Paul. Happy 30th Paul!

T*town said...

AWWW so cute. Dang, Rose youre getting old! Are you experiencing any joint pains yet?