Sunday, May 9, 2010

Playing Catch-up

With everything going on while Paul has been away, blogging has been rather low on my to-do list. My moments of free time have been minimal, miniscule, micro, next to nil etc etc, but I have a moment now and thought I'd try to catch up on some of what's been going on in the Rose household.

First off we had a birthday bash for Aaron, who turned three in March. He is getting to be so grown up now, and is a delight to have in the family. Aaron, you are the biggest sweetheart and I can't tell you how much I love being your mom. We are so blessed to have you with us. You brighten my days, and give me plenty of reasons to smile. What a character, and a joy.

We had some unexpected excitement the evening of his birthday, when Logan accidentally fell on Isaac. I don't think I have ever heard Isaac scream like he did then. Turns out, his leg was broken. More specifically, a growth plate in his left femur. Poor kid had yet another trip to the ER for an x-ray and a splint. His leg has healed now, but sometimes he still crawls with his leg splayed out at a funny angle as if he still has the splint on. It is pretty funny to watch.
Then the next day, Aaron fell off the teeter totter and gained a scrape from his forehead to his chin.
I think I am ready for all of the excitement to die down. I don't know if the kids will survive this time that daddy is away!

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