Sunday, May 9, 2010

Isaac's Birthday

Next stop, Isaac's 1st birthday! I can't believe my baby is 1! He's such a little man now. Isaac, you are a fantastic son, and I love you so much! You have brought such happiness to us, and have the most delightful personality. Everyone you come across is smitten instantly with your charming smile, and playfully shy attitude. Love you lil' Ike.

For Isaac's birthday we went to the farm with Ken, Kate and Jared when all of the baby animals were around. It was a fun adventure, and worked wonders for wearing the kids out in time for naps. Wahoo!
Later that afternoon he got to open his presents...
...and eat some CAKE! He was loving it, and begged for more when he finished his piece.Luckily no broken bones this birthday, although the poor kid went in for surgery to get tubes in his ears the day before. What a trooper.


Michelle said...

Your boys are beautiful and so blond. I thought someone might go dark like you. How are things, how much longer till Paul returns and gets to pepper you guys with hugs?

Rob said...

can you give me Paul's contact information. I'd like to reach him. my email is or

Amy said...

Rebecca!! How are you? I keep thinking about you guys hoping all is well. I couldn't remember if your e-mail is yahoo or hotmail so I am leaving a message on here. Is your husband home yet? If so have you moved? I hope all is well. Would love to hear from you!! I am about to have baby girl number 3 in a couple weeks!!!

Miss you guys!!
Amy Lamjav

T*town said...

So cute!